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Thanks guys, it feels a little bit helpful to hear from other experiences and talk about it in general. Today my goal was to get out of bed by 6 and go to work, and I was successful! Never mind that approximate 20 hours I slept since yesterday. Tonight I am trying to make myself go to the gym. I hate that feeling of uselessness when all I do is sleep, which makes me sleep more. Vicious cycle.
What is a kitchen? Anyway - bad work on ignoring messages - you just get stressed. Learn to say no. I'm the last person to counsel honesty in dealing with a woman - but you just let the perfect chance slip by! You: No - I need the Prius. You can use Penelope. Her: Blah blah blah about Penelope doesn't work You: I thought you'd had it fixed. I gave you the materiel. Why isn't it fixed? Her: some nonsense excuse You: follow the classic misdirect - turn up TV volume and hang up. Then hit Block this caller
I hope you feel better soon. If I'm having a down day - I just think that it could be worse - I could be Steve. That cheers me up instantly! But, I hear you re being a bit down and hitting the gym - it doesn't seem like an option at all - so I generally head for a surf. I find the sea - even when it is rough and cold in the middle of winter - really soothing. I don't know if that is an option for you though. Or if I'm really down, I have a few glasses of something chilled, put on my best suit, brush my teeth in champagne and head out to meet someone else's wife. It'll still be a problem in the morning, but it won't be my problem by then! Once again, I hope you feel better soon.
Yeah, ours is like that too, minus the texting. I get a phone call and an email for everything school related. I can hardly blame though, when I hear about how hard it is for them to reach some parents.
Jessica Biel circa 7th Heaven?

On Aftermath In the blog lemonade
I can't comment on depression. But, for me, if I can summon the will power to get to my zumba class, no matter how drained I am I always feel more energetic and glad I went.
Does your therapist ever tell you something to the effect of "focus on yourself because you can't change anyone else"? When my old job got insanely bad, that thought helped me not lose my shit.
either jarred or they expect you to make your own. They also sell pampers and asprin and tide with Spanish labels.
Love the red! Just tell her no... is it different with kids? I wouldn't even explain, I would just say, "No, you may not use my car"