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Holy shit - that is a lot of leaves

On Monday Sunday In the blog Luna Ticks
So much misunderstanding! To any normal person a ninja blender would mean a machine for blending ninjas. If only people would learn the importance of making unambiguous statements the world would be a less confusing place.
My God! I had been going to say ‘I don’t bother collecting leaves; I think they should be left to decompose as Nature intended.’ Then I looked at the images. By the way, they didn’t appear because you not unreasonably used image tags – but the addresses are for the web pages that host the images, not the images themselves. Hopefully this will display the full horror to your readers and save them the physical effort of copying and pasting:

On Monday Sunday In the blog Luna Ticks
LOL That is a pretty good vid! I think I AM going to throw out some buttermilk today. I bought it several weeks ago to make banana bread (which I did) and haven't used it since. It's pretty chunky. Today has been WAY too busy for a Sunday. I'll have to do my own post, lol.
Just think of the waste. If he’d thought of doing a version like that first time he released it, he could have become famous. And for some reason I misread that as ‘antichrist-free sex gatherings’. I can’t think why, but I’m sure a psychoanalyst could.
I got a ninja for Christmas so am making smoothies
Especially anarchist free-sex gatherings.
I'm not suggesting seeing if Scout dads will do it, I'm suggesting seeing if any of them know a self employed plumber who doesn't rape his clients and gets work via word of mouth because he's good. When you hire a big time plumber for a $2000 job, $1000 of that is covering his advertising. When I replaced my water heater I called some friends to see if they knew a guy that did good work cheaply and that made it worth the effort to wait.

On Lately In the blog Luna Ticks
I don't often stay up to wait for the New Year, but this year I might, if only to be positive that this clusterfuck of a year really has gone away for good. I think the office party thing depends on how formal it is and how much of a people-person he is. Maybe you could broach the subject and find out how he feels about it. Don't want him thinking, "Yassss! In old country, going to office party means we're engaged. Now all I have to do is find a live goat to give as a gift." Or something.

On Lately In the blog Luna Ticks
I think *he'd* be perfectly willing, just based on some other conversations. It's more about if I would, lol. See, most of our people work at client sites and I rarely get to see them - the Christmas party is when I get to catch up with everyone face to face. But yeah, I suppose to my coworkers just bringing a date doesn't mean he's necessarily a big deal to's just that until last year, Iain went to like, I dunno, 5 of those with me. God, Quent and I just bagged about 10 bags. It looks like we barely made a dent. *cries* Hopefully I can go take a shower at Brian's house today, since I still have no hot water. I cancelled the install I had set for tomorrow - I just can't justify that price. Called a different place today. No way am I buying one at Lowe's and seeing what scout dads I can cobble together - I just need to get it done with a minimum of fuss by people who definitely know what they're doing.

On Lately In the blog Luna Ticks