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6th street is snatch fest. No doubt there are some daddy issues ladies on that street.
The Yankees fans that sit in the bleachers are pretty shitty. Many of them were in jail as recently as that morning. Still not as bad as Philly fans.
I can’t comment on how things are in North America, but what Steve says about European football is, if anything, understated. It’s been a disgrace for decades now, both in national and international games. For whatever reason, football matches started to become a venue for those wanting a fight sometime back in the 1970s or thereabouts. Now they’re permanently associated with violence.
Our weather has been amazing lately. Low 80s. BOOYAH.
Mary and Snow: I also have to agree with college football fans. UK/UofL fans are the worst. I was actually kinda embarrassed by Cards fans at Notre Dame when we beat them on their own turf. And GUESS who was leading the charge? I'm told that's the fun of it. I had assumed it was the pouring rain and no alcohol (Notre Dame fucking SUCKS, man--they didn't even have indoor plumbing at the time. No beer and port-o-potties in the rain in January is not fun. Or it shouldn't be, but I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I'm used to port-o-potties but not being denied beer. Everyone else drank smuggled bourbon and I took a couple sips because they convinced me it was for luck but I really hate bourbon.
I must edit: the 380 was a typo. It is registering 180.
I'm kinda glad you got to see the misbehavior, Steve. Sounds kinda exciting. I guess the worst crowds I have ever seen were at the Barbeque Fest in Owensboro, Ky. All the "freckle-bellies" as my friend Jan calls them just made me crazy. Because of them, I have never been to anything in Bardstown except for an occasional trip to the fair every five years or so.
Mary beat me to college football, but OU fans are the fucking worst, most vile people. And Denver Nuggets fans are the most ghetto. It's almost like going to a Raiders game.
True, but they're all on the same page, and have the same vibe. Just like at a NASCAR race everyone there is on the same vibe. I'll take Phish. LOL.